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Giving You Perfect Brows

If you are tired of shaping and filling your brows every day to make them look the way you want, let Nashville Skin Company help. We know how eyebrows have a way of framing and enhancing your face. We also understand not everyone was born with the perfect brows, nor has the time or skill to ensure their brows always look well-maintained and on point. That is why we proudly offer a range of services for your eyebrows, including microblading, feathering, and tinting. No matter which eyebrow service you prefer, we have friendly, certified, and experienced artists who can help make sure your eyebrows look fuller, thicker, and more natural.

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Microblading vs. Feathering

Microblading and feathering are almost always used interchangeably when talking about eyebrow services. Although both procedures are semi-permanent tattoo methods used to shape and fill eyebrows, the difference is that microblading is a more extensive process while feathering works with the natural eyebrows. Simply put, with microblading, your whole brow area is covered while feathering only fills out the sparse areas of your natural brows.

What to Expect from Our Eyebrow Services in Nashville

Although microblading and feathering are forms of tattooing, they are not as deep—nor as permanent—as a regular tattoo. The process involves our talented and certified microblading artist drawing hair-like strokes to mimic the natural hair on your brows. Many of our patients describe the treatment as feeling like little scratches or paper cuts. You feel it, but it is not unbearable. Rest assured we also use a topical numbing cream before we start the procedure to ease any discomfort.

Here are some care essentials to remember before and after microblading or feathering:

  • A week before the procedure, do not drink alcohol, take aspirin, or use retinol
  • Avoid getting your face sweaty or wet during the first 10 days after the treatment
  • Use petroleum jelly to help alleviate any itching or redness after the procedure
  • After 10 days, you may wash your face normally with mild soap

Your brows will look slightly darker right after the procedure but 60% of the color will eventually fade in the next days. We offer a complimentary touch up after the first treatment to replace some of the lost pigment. After this, you can expect to lose only about 30 to 40% of the color. The results of microblading and feathering usually last for about two years with proper care.

We Also Offer Brow Tinting

If you want a treatment for your eyebrows with less commitment, Nashville Skin Company also offers brow tinting or shading. Using a safe, semi-permanent dye, our certified aestheticians will fill out your natural brows to make them look more defined. The process only takes 15 minutes and you can see the results right away. However, to make the tint last longer, you may want to avoid getting your brows wet for at least 12 hours.

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