Getting Your Body Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means — endless days of soaking up sunshine by the lake, running around your yard with the kids, and enjoying frozen cocktails with your friends. And since you’ll be spending much more time outside in summer wear, you may be working extra hard to achieve that ideal summer look.

However, if you’re finding that all the crunches in the world still can't get rid of those pesky love handles or you’re concerned about potential sun damage, there’s no need to worry. From at-home care to body contouring treatments, there are plenty of ways you can get your body ready for summer.

Preparing Your Body for Summer

Stock Up on Sunscreen

You may be craving that sunkissed glow that comes from sitting in the sun for hours at a time — but you’re actually not doing your skin any favors in the long run. UVA and UVB rays from direct sunlight can have harrowing effects on your skin’s elasticity, appearance, and health. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin sagging, wrinkles, age spots, and various forms of cancer.

To protect your skin, you should start each day by applying sunscreen, as well as a facial moisturizer. And if you’re spending more time outside, be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Remove Body Hair with Ease

Very few of us like spending 20+ minutes each time we shower, removing hair from our legs, armpits, groin, and elsewhere. And even if you don’t prefer shaving, let’s not forget how painful waxing every couple of weeks is. But it must be done, right? After all, who wants to see hair and stubble as they go to reapply sunscreen or moisturizer? (Spoiler alert: no one.)

That’s where laser hair removal comes in. This treatment can be tailored to suit your needs to give you perfectly smooth skin without causing any damage to your skin. Plus, thanks to precise technology, laser treatments target even the most specific areas of your body. We can separate the area of service being treated such as:

  • Extra-small: Chin, lip, sideburns, toes, back of neck

  • Small: Full face, underarms

  • Medium: Half arms, shoulders, chest, half back, stomach, bikini

  • Large: Buttocks, Brazilian, half legs, full arms

  • Extra-large: Full back, full front, full legs

Get Slimmer with Ease

Many of us try to work out and eat better in the months leading up to the summer season. While this is definitely beneficial for your health, in some cases, you won’t see the results that you desire — oftentimes, those last few pounds that settle in around your hips or on your thighs or arms. For times like these, body contouring treatments can help target these areas and reduce cellulite or smooth out sections that are prone to holding fat.


If you have areas that simply won’t disappear, no matter how much you exercise, you may benefit from CoolSculpting®! This treatment involves placing an applicator on the desired area that freezes and kills fat cells, allowing them to be processed by your body to help you achieve a slimmer look.

Typically, this treatment can be done in less than an hour, does not require any downtime, and shows final results in about six months.

ZWave Cellulite Treatments

This treatment, which often works very well in conjunction with CoolSculpting®, uses powerful soundwaves to break up connective tissues found in cellulite, stimulate collagen formation, and increase skin elasticity to give you a smoother, firmer appearance.

Trust Nashville Skin Company for Your Beauty Needs

Having a toned, smooth figure you love and feel confident in can make a profound impact on your life. We are constantly working to give our patients access to treatments that will enhance their natural appeal with as little disruption as possible.

If you have been hesitant to wear a bathing suit or dread shorts weather every year, we can help give you the boost you need. Contact Nashville Skin Company today to schedule a service with us. Call us at either of our two locations: 615-235-5335 (Nashville) or 615-991-6311 (Franklin).