How to Care for Your Skin in Winter

Tips for Winter Skincare

Anyone who has spent a winter in Nashville knows that Mother Nature isn’t always kind to us this time of year. While many people are concerned about the conditions of the roads, there’s something else you should be focused on as well: the condition of your skin.


Between the dry air and cold temperatures, winter weather isn’t exactly doing your skin any favors, making it all the more important to give it some extra TLC this time of year.

Stay Hydrated

The dry winter air can leave your skin looking and feeling dry, itchy, and dull. By drinking enough water everyday, you can give your skin the hydration it needs to look healthy and bright.


Your skin is very prone to dryness in the winter, so it’s important to invest in a good-quality moisturizer to keep your skin feeling soft and supple. When looking for a moisturizer, it’s best to pick one that also includes an SPF, especially if it’s for your face.

Use SPF Each Day

Even if the temperature outside is not tan-worthy, the sun's still shining and can damage your skin. Whether you choose to apply regular sunscreen or opt for a moisturizer with SPF, make sure you reapply it a few times throughout the day.

Lightly Exfoliate

Your skin needs to be able to breathe in the winter, so it’s essential to lightly exfoliate once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells or other gunk. Once you’ve exfoliated, use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin fresh and clean.

Invest in Hydrating Treatments

If you want to give your skin a little extra care, consider getting a professional HydraFacial to help hydrate your skin, improve firmness, even out your skin tone, and reduce the size of your pores.

When you are looking for skincare solutions that can help you feel refreshed and youthful without any discomfort or downtime, our Nashville HydraFacial is hard to beat. In just 30 minutes, you can take dull, stressed skin and give it the clarity, hydration, and vital glow it needs.


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